Booster Club

Board Members:
Vice President:
Treasure: Bridget Jergenson and Chad Goergen
Secretary: Deena Safarik
Beth Hartokolis
Lynn Barten
Amy Roers
Karin Senstad
Trevor Petrie
Barb Peterson
Chris Wieberdink
Jeff Tacker

Todd Blaser
Matthew Winarski

Fundraising Ideas:
If you have a fundraising idea that will benefit the Band Booster organization or the students individually, please let us know about it. Please approach us with as much information as you can; Product or Service Information, Contact Address and Phone Number, Photos, Brochures, etc.

Don’t forget about the Marching Band can recycling trailers located around Alexandria. The more you give, the more funds we have!

The JHS Band Boosters have four can recycling trailers located throughout the Alexandria area in easy-access locations.

Aluminum Can Locations

  • Mike’s Car Wash
  • ITW Heartland (Near the Airport)
  • Pete’s County Market
  • Alex Auto & Marine (North Nokomis)

So drop off those aluminum cans at any of these locations and support the award-winning JHS Marching Band!